Welcome to the members comments page. We have divided the page into comments about puzzles and comments regarding the service the Library provides.

Jigsaw Puzzle Comments

Puzzle Number 5076:
Late nights and makeshift dinners! A wonderful puzzle.

Puzzle Number 4827:
A marvellous puzzle, absolutely unleavable alone!

Puzzle Number 3030:
Whew. A really marvellous puzzle, colourful and very difficult indeed.

Puzzle Number 4231:
An excellent puzzle. Colourful and unhelpful.

Puzzle Number 6100:
Excellent puzzle, thoroughly enjoyed it. It really turned the clock back!

Puzzle Number 5884:
Superb puzzle, thoroughly enjoyable tussle and a most attractive picture.

Library Service Comments

“Thank you for many hours of pleasure (and some of great frustration!)”.

“I enjoy every moment of the “challenges” you send”.

“Like I’m sure, all other members of the Library, I am immensely thankful to you for the pleasurable hours – often in the small hours in my case- that you have given to us aficionados of “proper” jigsaw puzzles”.

“I love doing the puzzles and would be lost without them”.

“My parents are absolutely thrilled with the puzzles and say they will never want to do “ordinary” puzzles again! Thank you – it’s the most successful Christmas present I’ve ever given them”.

“I have been increasing my knowledge of art with puzzles from Breugel, Van Gogh and Maddox Ford”.

“Thank you for all the lovely puzzles”.

“It is so nice to do wooden jigsaws and so well made and interesting. It has been a great boon to my husband as his life has become rather restricted after his recent stroke and it is such good therapy for him as well as a pleasure”.

“I think the Library is marvellous value”.

“We greatly enjoy doing the puzzles as they are so varied and interesting”.

“Housework is now scheduled to the bottom of the list!”.

“I do so enjoy doing these beautiful pieces of workmanship”.

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