The British Jigsaw Puzzle Library is currently open for new member applications. Please print off a copy of the attached Application Form and return it to us along with payment for your chosen membership period. See below for current subscription rates.

Also, as a very thoughtful gift idea, why not consider buying a subscription for a family member or close friend? We have had many such members before and most are still in the library many years later. It is very unlikely that a member, even after thirty or more years of puzzling, will reach the end of our ever-evolving collection of wooden jigsaw puzzles!

Matching the most suitable puzzles to each member is taken very seriously and we pride ourselves on responding to each and every member’s comments regarding the puzzles supplied, so that their enjoyment of the puzzles is enhanced wherever possible.

The current subscription rates are set out below.

6 months £135
12 months £225

Please note that the subscription rate does not include the postage costs and accounts for these are sent out, generally on a quarterly or half–yearly basis. We use the Parcelforce courier network to send puzzles out, our current UK mainland cost per parcel of up to 5 puzzles being £10.95. We also offer a double-sized parcel of up to eight puzzles at a reduced rate of £13.95.

nb. We are also able to receive payment via direct bank transfer and an emailed copy of the completed application form. Please contact us for further details if you would prefer to use this method.

NB 1. On the application form, the boxes marked “Membership” and “Postage” are intended to guide us on billing instructions where the applicant is not the member, such as in gift applications. By checking the “Membership” box, you will be the first point of contact for renewals reminders, but the postal account invoices will still be sent to the member, whilst by checking the “Postage” box you will also receive these. By leaving both boxes unchecked, future renewals and all postal account invoices will be sent to the member address.
NB 2. “Preferred size of puzzle”. Within the library we have a multitude of puzzles sizes and an indication of preference is intended as just that. As a rough guide we could best classify those available as being:
Small-around 150-400 pieces
Medium-around 400-800 pieces
Large-around 800-2000 pieces.

Degree of difficulty is another element into which we try to categorize many of our puzzles, operating a scale from 1-9*, with the highest number generally being cut to be as challenging as its cutter could possibly achieve.

Please be assured that we will always respond immediately to a change in preferences, or notification of a change in board size, so this information is really only requested as a start-up guide.

Thank you for your interest. If we can be of further help please contact us.

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