logoWelcome to the home page of the British Jigsaw Puzzle Library, a remarkable collection of over 3000 hand-cut wooden jigsaw puzzles available for the amusement, frustration and general enjoyment of our dedicated group of puzzlers!

Here you will find pages dedicated to the history of the library, along with members comments, styles and examples of puzzles available, plus the all important details of how to join in the fun.

Within our membership we have a large gathering who had their first period of membership kindly bought for them by a relative or friend, often as a birthday or Christmas present and we are delighted to report that a large proportion of these members have remained in the library for years, often decades, to come. Thankfully we have enough puzzles to ensure that the same puzzle is never knowingly sent out twice!

Home to over 3000 hand-cut wooden library puzzles and a select membership of jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts!