Care and Conditions

Maintaining the quality of this wonderful collection of puzzles is the key to the success of the library and we do our very best to ensure that they are cared for when they are under our control, also carrying out restoration work on the puzzles and their boxes as and when required. Maintaining the puzzles whilst they are in circulation is also vitally important and we ask that all members exercise the best possible practice whilst they are under their control.

The basic guidelines to the “Care of the Puzzles” and the “Conditions-on which subscriptions are accepted” are available here Care and Conditions

Whilst there is always a slight risk that a piece may go astray, using best practice whilst puzzling will hopefully reduce this to an absolute minimum. The cutting of and subsequent repainting of replacement pieces is very time-consuming and  expensive and can never be a perfect match for the original. Consequently we become very concerned by repeated instances of loss, maintaining an accurate database record of all such cases. Whilst we cannot guarantee this to  eradicate problems we do endeavour to minimise the problem. This also extends to the matter of pet-chewed pieces, which also serve to seriously spoil the puzzles and the members enjoyment of them.

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